Plot Edit

It's a rainy and dark night at the Pizzeria and a shadowy figure sneaks inside. Puppet is sleeping, but wakes up after hearing the door close. A purple shadowy Freddy trys sneaking inside the room where Toy Chica is kept, but puppet quickly intervenes. Angered by his will to fight, The purple Freddy teleports marionette to his dive to the heart. Here, they are engaged into a fight. Purple Freddy is defeated easily due to his willing to not fight and the puppet drags him and throws him into the closet.

Criticism Edit

Episode 3 is often regarded as one of the worst episodes throughout the entire series due to the lackluster fighting scene and rushed animation. It's plot was also heavily criticized due to the pacing problems and opening up of more plot holes, considerably since Purple Freddy was originally a fragment of Toy Chica's mind.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is very confusing. Seeing as the Purple Freddy did not talk until the fight scene was off putting as it was. Why didn't he just tell him he was not his enemy in the first place when they were at the pizzeria instead of teleporting them both to a entirely new place?
  • Purple Freddy claims to not be a enemy, but in previous episodes has shown to be a antagonist. This is due to his malicious intents of getting to Toy Chica mostly because she is a princess of heart.
  • It was shown that Purple Freddy is in somewhat precise control of his actions on fighting, however he retaliates when Puppets doubts his friendship.