"If it's a race you want, it's a race you'll get!" - Jwr, Kingdom Freddy's Episode 4.

Background Edit

Splinks Jwr is one of the main protagonists in Kingdom Freddy's and serves as a important character throughout the entire franchise. Jwrfan11 only appears in episode 4 of Kingdom Freddy's and does not make anymore appearances further on from there since the series went only up to 4 episodes.

Abilities Edit

  • Excellent driver.
  • Ability to use the key blade and various arsenal of ranged weapons.
  • Skilled martial artist fighter. (Black belt as revealed in the script.)
  • Excellent senses.
  • Skilled Melee weapon user.
  • When enraged, he will go into darkness form, which makes him invulnerable for 30 seconds.
  • Peak Agility

Weaknesses Edit

  • Darkness forms strips him from his abilities and makes him weak.
  • Can get angry extremely fast.
  • Competitive behavior often leads him to dangerous behaviors.
  • Very bad with pistols/sidearms.

Story Edit

Jwrfan11 receives a call from the marionette explaining to him about a dark purple figure who invaded the pizzeria, while on his way there, he's stuck in traffic. He is approached by a street racer, Nicholas, who challenges him to a race. Jwrfan constantly tells him that he cannot and has things to do which peaks Nicholas' interest. Nicholas than challenges him, demanding that he let him follow him if he wins the race, jwrfan refuses, but Nicholas retaliates back and calls him a chicken. This angers jwrfan and makes him want to race Nicholas. The race starts, but Nicholas cheats with a boost and smashes into multiple cars. As Nick and Jwr are racing, he cannot keep up due to Nicholas's speed boost, however he takes a shortcut (wrecking a car in the process) and catches up. Nicholas ends up wrecking his vehicle and pleads for Jwr to take him where he's going in which he refuses, but then lets him exclaiming for him to not "eat" in his car.

Trivia Edit

  • Jwr's voice was criticized alongside Nicholas.
  • Jwr's voice tone is mellow and slow tone.
  • Jwrfan is the most peak person throughout the entire series.
  • Voiced by John (jwr).
  • Jwr has went through the most changes in OC within a year.