Background Edit

Rainbow is one of the new appearing characters in Kingdom Freddy's. She makes a slight appearance at the end of the rebooted trailer alongside with Maverick, Nicholas, and the original characters.

Abilities Edit

  • Fast and Quick Reflexes
  • Expert at hand to hand combat.
  • Expert with melee weapons.
  • Princess of heart.
  • Can use the keyblade.
  • Cannot fall to darkness because she has a heart of a princess.
  • Good Chef.

Weaknessess Edit

  • Books.
  • Bad with ranged weapons, but slightly experience.
  • Vulnerable sometimes.
  • Anger can control her and unleash her inner counterpart Rage Rainbow, which causes tons of destruction and death around her. Even to those who are her friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Her character is from ROBLOX.
  • Rainbow is not voiced by anyone, a simple line of text is her dialogue.
  • She has the ability to control magic, but has not discovered her ability yet.
  • She adores cats.

Quote(s) Edit

(None So Far)