"My Ride's busted man...."

Background Edit

Nicholas is a returning character from the original Kingdom Freddy's. He is one of the main characters throughout the franchise, but only appears in episode 4. After that, he no longer had debut appearances except for the reboot trailer and Toy Chica's interview.

Abilities Edit

  • Master at driving cars.
  • Knowledge of every single car in the universe.
  • Excellent mechanic and engineer.
  • Expert hand to hand combat.
  • Expert at various weapons.
  • To make fun of his enemies

Weaknesses Edit

  • Extremely cocky.
  • Slower agility than Rainbow.
  • Ability to lose focus
  • Stubborn and not willing to lose.

Story Edit

Nicholas makes an appearance in Episode 4 and meets jwrfan. He pokes fun at his ride and then challenges him to a race. Jwr constantly declines his offer, but he pushes his buttons and they race. Nicholas ends up using his super boost and destroys the cars blocking his path leaving Jwr with a shocked expression. He overtakes Jwr a couple of times during race, in which jwr takes a shortcut to catch up with him. Once he and Jwr are closing into the finish line, he ends up crashing his car and then pleads for jwr to travel alongside with him which he refuses at first, but then lets him.

Trivia Edit

  • The first ever ROBLOX character to be introduced to Kingdom Freddy's.
  • Voiced by his creator, Nicholas.
  • Nicholas actually won the race in Episode 4, but lost because he simply crashed.