Plot Edit

Freddy wakes up after being unconscious from smashing into Toy Chica by the skateboard. As he awakens, he is horrified to see that Toy Chica is knocked out. Angered by this, he spots Bonnie walking towards him. He releases his anger at Bonnie by lunging at him and smashing him to the wall. Freddy chokes Bonnie but before he can do damage to Bonnie, Foxy comes to the rescue convincing him to finally let go off Bonnie. His rage concerns Mangle, Chica and Toy Bonnie. They question what he did to Toy Chica, but Freddy replies with anger that Bonnie pushed him. Mangle then questions why nobody noticed that she got hit only for the others to respond stupidly. Freddy then feels guilty for what he did to Toy Chica assuring that she was dead. However, the Puppet comes to confirm that Toy Chica is not dead and that there's a explanation of why she has not woken up. The go to the kitchen and the Puppet explains that her heart needs to be fixed and in order for it be repaired he needs someone to volunteer. The Puppet also explains that it's a huge risk if anyone decides to go. Freddy at first agrees to go but Mangle doubts him; Golden Freddy then decides to volunteer but Mangle hesitantly grabs his arm. She doesn't want him going but Golden Freddy replys saying it's his "Destiny", she lets go off him and the Puppet uses his magic to transport him into Toy Chica's mind.

Trivia Edit

  • The night guard was supposed to appear in this episode.
  • There's a lot of errors in this episode, such as those include with the last part.