"Stealth, Speed, and Surprise." - Maverick

Background Edit

Maverick is one of the new appearing characters in the new Kingdom Freddy's reboot. In the trailer, he is shown to be one of the new characters who joined the Fazbear side against Golden Freddy.

Abilities Edit

  • Able to run as twice as fast than any normal human being.
  • Ability to jump very high.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Leadership qualities and skills
  • Able to withstand harsh conditions (thus being able to land from high distance drops causing destruction in it's path.)
  • Hand to hand combat expert (Up to jwr's level.)
  • Sharp shooter. (Dead Eye level of skill. Quite dangerous.)

Weaknesses Edit

  • Vulnerable to bullets. But his armor allows him to survive a few.
  • PTSD Flashbacks.
  • Exposure of his face.
  • Explosives.

Story Edit

Maverick was previously a CIA agent 25 years ago. He was given an stealth mission where he had no teammates on his side, but was given a radio to communicate with them. Maverick was on his way to stopping a missile that possessed nuclear material and dangerous chemicals, but by the time he got there.. it was too late. The missile was already scheduled to launch. By the time, the engines on the missile started, Maverick was doomed and did not have enough time to escape. He was burned by the missile launcher and suffered serve and fatal injuries.

A few hours pass by, and he was rescued by his teammates. The CIA began a operation where Maverick was given a cybernetic armor mostly because half of his body wasn't able to function. 3 years later, the Operation was complete and Maverick had cybernetic armor that made him twice as strong, twice as fast, and fire resistant. The next day, Maverick escaped the facility and went hush mode. He moved to a new location to start a new life.

Trivia Edit

  • Played by Zenrax.
  • Because Maverick has been in the CIA longer than Jwr, his shooting abilities surpass Jwr's in every way.
  • When Maverick falls from the sky in the trailer he's on the right side, but after he falls, he appears on the left side. This was a goof that the creator forgot to fix!
  • Maverick is actually one of the only human characters in the series.