Background Edit

Golden Freddy is a returning character in the Kingdom Freddy’s universe. In the original, he was an ally to the fazbear gang, but in the reboot version, he’s officially the antagonist.

Personality Edit

Golden Freddy is reckless, destructive, and careless of those around him. He does not care about anyone but himself and will do anything to accomplish a task at hand.

Story Edit

There is no story yet to Golden Freddy, other than his intentions to cause chaos and misery to the FNaF gang.

Character Reception Edit

Golden Freddy recieved outstanding praise due to him being an legit villian and not the typical “Oh Im possessed, but actually a good guy.” He recieved an score of 9.5/10

”Golden Freddy’s character is great and someone you may like. He’s not possessed, or corrupted , he’s evil because of jealousy and hatred for those who he believes commited wrongdoings. The fact that he even hires the original gang to destroy the Toy Aninatronics, shows his willpower to win and take over the etablishment for himself.” - Mackenzie, Creator, Co Writer of KF.
Golden Freddy currently has the best score out of all the characters.

Trivia Edit

  • He is a skilled fighter. He was able to take out T. Chica with one kick.
  • Golden Freddy can levitate and fly.
  • Golden Freddy actually is one of the few characters who was prasied by critics.
  • His weapon is the cresent rose from Rooster Teeth’s series RWBY.