General Information Edit

Freddy Fazbear is one of the main protagonists in the series who at day entertains kids, but at night wanders around, reading books, and talking about how life could be better. He's often a wimp and doesn't like to get confrontational.

Personality Edit

Freddy Fazbear is grumpy and very quick to retaliate, almost as Toy Chica. He does not like being disrespected as a leader, and does not like Bonnie’s foolish antics. However, despite his attutide, he actually has a soft side and can be caring and welcome to those who he condemns as friends.

Story Edit

Freddy has not appeared in any episodes. So therefore he does not have a story yet.

Character Reception Edit

Freddy‘s character was praised by others due to his leadership skills and grumpiness. However, he was also criticized for being too expressive and grumpy in the Toy Chica Interview episode. He recieved a 7.4/10 from Lauren.

Trivia Edit

  • Freddy is one of the creators favorite characters.
  • Freddy was originally supposed to be the protagonist of Kingdom Freddys but didn’t make the cut
  • Freddy doesn’t seem to have a positve relationship with Toy Chica.