That does sound weird, Toy Chica. But we’re robots, we don’t really have hearts.”
Foxy is one of the main characters who appears in Kingdom Freddy’s. He is a fox who currently resides in Pirate‘s Cove. Despite being a main character, Foxy does not play an important role, but rather as an possible love interest to Toy Chica.

Personality Edit

Foxy is often friendly, mostly a coward sometimes. He seems to enjoy being around Toy Chica most of the time as shown in episodes 1 and 2. Its often therozied thet he and Toy Chica love each other, but it wasn’t further explained. Foxy is often skeptical around others he does not bond well with. In episode 2, he was completely oblivous of Mangle’s feelings and pushed them aside when she was injured.

Story Edit

Not much was explained about Foxy’s character. However, he appears in 2 episodes and then no more from there on. He appears again in the Kingdom Freddy’s reboot in the intro with a newer model alongside Newer Freddy. In episode 1, he first appears waking up Toy Chica from her nightmare. Toy Chica wakes up and greets him, but then she explains to him what happened in her dream. She mentioned her heart being changed, in which Foxy doubts her with a smart remark saying they don’t have the capacity to own a heart as they‘re Robots. Foxy then flinches as he hears a loud bang. In the following events, Bonnie pushes Freddy and causes chaos, resulting into knocking out Toy Chica due to his foolish antics. He then appears again in Episode 2 as a silent character.

Character Reception. Edit

Foxy was heavily criticzed due to his lack luster emotions and grief towards other characters. Lauren, the new writer for the series, was very fustrated with Foxy and dis not like him. In a interview, she described his characters as a ”bland“ and ”emotionless“ slob who added nothing to the series.. but was just added for the purpose of trying to cram every character in at once. She rated his character a nasty 4.3/10.

Trivia Edit

  • Foxy seems like the least favorite character in the franchise.
  • Foxy is oftenly animated poorly a majority of the time.
  • Foxy now has more expressions in anything else he appears in.