The FNAF Halloween Special was a planned special for Halloween by Mackenzie which was scheduled to release Halloween. However, due to complications, it was never finished and only 4 parts were ever completed.

Story Edit

Halloween is approaching and the animatronics are preparing to decorate the establishment with decor. However, Foxy is not interested and decides to sleep to not take part. Golden Freddy then appears out of nowhere to play a prank on foxy, scaring him and making him slip from his chair. Chica then approaches the both of them asking for help to put up the decorations. Golden Freddy accepts, but an annoyed Foxy refuses. Chica then questions why he won’t help, to which Foxy explains that he doesn’t like Halloween. Chica then briefly explains to him that it’s not about the candy, but rather about the spooks. But yet, Foxy still refuses. Freddy then approaches the situation and convinces Foxy to help in which he finally accepts. Meanwhile in the basement, Springtrap places a mysterious box on the table. Golden Freddy then teleports, asking for help with decor but then notices the box. He asks what is inside to which Springtrap refuses to give information. Golden Freddy leaves.

Meanwhile, upstairs on the show stage, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy are all planning to decorate the establishment. However, to keep things organized and on task, Freddy assigns the animatronics a task to complete.

At the Toy’s establishment, Toy Chica is texting Freddy on her phone until Toy Bonnie crashes into the wall, causing damage and destruction. A worried Toy Chica goes to investigate the matter in which she’s in shock. As she continues investigating the area, Toy Bonnie appears behind her, ready to prank her, then scares her, resulting into her punching him.

The story then ends there since it wasn’t ever continued.

Easter Eggs Edit

  • Spiderman appears in one scene behind Chica.
  • A female robloxian with Valkyrie helm can be seen between Chica and Golden Freddy.
  • There is a small T posed Robloxian on a table behind foxy, which then dissapears after he crosses his arms.
  • Dancing skeleton on one of the lights.

Reception Edit

The Hallowen special was highly praised by many. It received a score of a 7.9 by Lauren. One of the criticisms she had with it the lip syncing. The lip syncing was very off in every part. She also didn’t like that it was highly anticipated, but was never finished.