Background Edit

Chara is a new and appearing character in Kingdom Freddy's who makes a debut in Trailer #2. They are the puppeteer and mastermind behind the following events in between the universes of Kingdom Freddy's and the Kingdom Freddy's Reboot.

Abilities Edit

  • Able to purge any universe they want.
  • Time travel.
  • Able to relentlessly murder anyone with one hit who cross their path.
  • The ability to control the darkness.
  • Able to break the 4th wall and speak to the viewer.
  • Ability to interrupt and cause disordered sounds on videos.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Friendship.
  • Courage and Perseverance.
  • Unable to manipulate the minds of those around them.

Story Edit

As the events from the original series are played out in sequenced order in Kingdom Freddy's Trailer #2, Chara briefly interrupts the viewer's screen with static and terrifying graphic images. The trailer continues, but then is interrupted again as it cuts back to Chara 3 times with their face melted zooming in to terrify the viewer. Chara then asks why the viewer is here and explains to them that the video they viewing is a time paradox. Chara then states they have control of the universes and that the universe that the viewer was requesting would be "purged". Chara then ends off the video encouraging the users to say goodbye to the FNAF crew. Chara then destroys the universe altogether and the video ends.

Meaning of Trailer #2 explained. Edit

Trailer #2 is very confusing to newcomers of the series, but deep down there is actually a meaning to it. It mostly revolves around the Splinks models and how much of a drag they've been on the series. Purposely, the creator of the video made the story start out from the original Kingdom Freddy's standpoint. The use of Splinks models was also done purposely to simulate of the alternate universe. However, because of the negative feedback and outcome from the original series, Chara found something wrong with the video being played and then purged the alternate universe in order for the reboot to take it's course, thus killing the original splinks cast off.

Trivia Edit

  • Chara is a character from the game Undertale.
  • As Chara speaks in the trailer the little * near their text disappears all of a sudden around the end of the video.