Plot Edit

Awakening is the first episode in Kingdom Freddy's. In this episode, we're introduced to Toy Chica and most of her friends. The episode begins as Toy Chica wakes up in a dark room. Soon, a bright light appears and she meets Purple Freddy. She asks who he is and he doesn't respond, instead he meddles with her heart. This causes extreme pain to Toy Chica and she falls unconsciously onto the floor. Toy Chica wakes up from this and realizes that Foxy is in her presence, he tells her to wake up and watch Freddy fail on the skateboard. Toy Chica tells Foxy about her dream, but before Foxy can finish speaking, a loud bang is heard. We're cut to a scene where Freddy is on a skateboard, shaking because he's never done this before. Bonnie tries to encourage him to go on his own, but Freddy refuses. This causes Bonnie to push Freddy. When Freddy is pushed, he hits Mangle and then hits Toy Chica knocking her unconscious again. Unaware of what to do next, her friends are aware of her injuries and leave her alone to rest. However, Toy Chica wakes up in a nightmare by the mysterious Purple Freddy Figure. She is frightened by the Purple Freddy who stares at her and then screams at her.

Triva Edit

  • Purple Freddy seems like a antagonist.
  • Mackenzie wasn't very comfortable adding in the sound effects because it made her feel awkward.
  • There is a slight error with Purple Freddy's arms. They bug out for a quick second
  • There is a reason behind Purple Freddy meddling with Toy Chica's heart.
  • The most difficult part about animating this episode was the skateboard scene.
  • In the original version, Freddy was supposed to fly off his skateboard and fall ontop of Toy Chica, but was scrapped, mostly because Freddy kept flying to the moon.
  • Chica, Toy Bonnie do not move their heads when Freddy is about to hit Toy Chica.